She Moves Mount Fuji

I long to paint a picture of
with my words,
to sketch in
the fair skin (one too many times
by the fiery kisses of the Sun)
her laughter
it reminds me of warm soda
bubbling over the cup’s brim,
it fizzes, larger than life,
and I
am happy

her voice.
      I have wrapped myself within
      sympathy and comfort of her
      been wrist-slapped scalded by
      heard the eye-rolling sighs in it
      witnessed the soulful animated

of it
singing belting the belly-deep
opera sounds

Now it is my turn
to be her rock
to embrace her and say
everything will be okay
as she stands
decked in the somber tones
of black
and crisp starched white
nervously awaiting her

she has been told
they will ask her how
to move Mount

I want to tell her
remember how we met
the first day of math class,
the first day of high school?

I want to tell her
that one day
she will attend my wedding

that I think she is
one of the most beautiful, caring
I am lucky to know

I want to tell her
            purple is her color lets get Pinkberry
            chocolate is my favorite too movie
            days are the best being
            around you I can

That she is one of my closest friends.

Instead I say,
“Don’t worry, this
interview will be a piece of cake.”

As we walk towards the library
bodies swinging through
the revolving doors


For Kelly. 
P.S. I am not transferring.

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