Song of Myself, of My New York


This was inspired after reading Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself." Hope you enjoy.

I am the Van Gough grass tossed sideways by the East River
I am the burnt amber of an autumn whose mistress is summer
            sweltering, muggy Manhattan summer, toes skimming Dumbo water
I am the grey slabs and faceless buildings
            of millions of tiny windows
            on the corner of Washington Square Park, Avenue A, Roosevelt, Rockaway,          
            Dyckman, Columbus, Bedford
I am the warmth of the babushka, bosom cradling a child by the
            gritty boardwalk as a Staten Island breeze caresses our faces,
            one weathered, one shiny as a new penny
I am the worn mud boots of the hipster girl,
            slouching sweater and face of nonchalance
            (though we know she cares)
I am the polished shoes of Wall street, shoes so
            shiny the Statue of Liberty waves back
I am the breeze that blows beneath the Brooklyn Bridge
            stench, cigarette butts, littered coffee cups that pollute my mind
I am the square brick buildings once full
            of sewing women
            fabric and leather standing,
            a shadow of old ghosts on
            Kent and 4th
I am the immigrant worker
            sweat caked brows crying, America, ti amo! 
I am the powdered cookies
locked away in a box, raspberry
center of the universe haloed
with white sugar dust on glamorous Madison Avenue
I am the veteran shooting up enemies,
            shooting up love and forget-me
            drugs back in Hell’s Kitchen, on Beach 19th, corner of Baruch College
            asking, Will you forget me New York?

There I am eyes closed in Shakespeare slumber beneath
            a whistling New York moon,
            lacking in stars, yet filled with stars
There I am with my New York         
            rushing, pounding, flowing through my blood,
            my dream-sleep on the metallic lull of the train
There I am dreaming of you

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