I swirled forth wild bitter fruit upon my tongue words that became daggers to stab and breakdown You kneeled before me, your altar You stood before a wrathful goddess but in the end it was me who needed you I turned away a kiss, your weapon I softened little by little you thawed out the […]


I couldn’t pick up a pen, I couldn’t look at paper. [ I couldn’t bare my heart.] I could only think of you, of work, of underground subways, of worries, of time, of where I was going /meant to go I couldn’t I was distracted by loud noises flurries of thoughts everywhere even now I […]


Let’s run and skip on the playground knees skinned bodies soaring above the turf-Earth backsides resting on rubber spaceships dizzy and drunk with laughter giddy we fall   I think now that God took the world the blazing stars and put them in   you   heavens and dreams shining hidden, kept secret behind your […]

A Strange Contraption

This poem is in response to using one of these babies for the first time: we stand in our socks a teapot filled with steaming water that has yet to enter our bellies the shiny metallic pot where the mahogany grains delicately sink to     the           bottom strange contraption a light casting shadows on […]