I walk down the blocks of the city that

defines me and millions of others

but what I feel is not what they feel

what I dream of,

they do not


Crisp winter air kisses my cheeks and bids me

good morning

as the crowds of business men and women

swoop off

to their

respective places

blazers and suitcases and cell phone and

coffees burning cigarettes


faded dreams


they rush off and are gone


In Gramercy

skyscrapers tower, they are concrete masses

with uncountable windows though

minute details set them apart:

the building that looks as if it is made out of legos

the “Big-Ben” wanna-be, elegant and tall (minute hand

reminding me I must get to class)

the I’m too busy boxy home to corporate

America may we file your taxes

insurance   life(savings)?


Bare trees, naked and devoid of

their shade

reach out

and remind me

of something that is lost

among these buildings


An ominous, mysterious smoke rises from

beneath the ground

and I laugh at the cliche-ness of

my city

with its street vendors hi I’d like a bagel

with cream cheese

the serene and spiritual beings

eyes closed in meditation at the park

they igonore

the roar of the trains this is eighth street next

stop Union Square

the dizzying commotion of people

the flocks of pigeons perching about

the greedy squirrels to whom I scream

get lost I am not going to feed you!!!


I don’t know the faces in the crowd

yet strangely enough

they are like me

we go off to work to school

to our families friends


we have felt so untouchable in a

city so huge, so



we have felt so fragile and alone

among the zooming blur of taxi cab slurs

and glaring, flashing billboards that

fail to illuminate the never-ending darkness of the night


we have failed and triumphed, the

street bums drugs drunkenness black

eyes gun shots

hopeful students protests people of

every race religion background

whose dreams and hearts and souls


into one

a testimony to the city

to whom my restless spirit is kindred

to where

my lips and heart


one word:





To all dVerse poets: you’ve stolen my heart and eyes<3


Her heart was like


crystalline and so

dazzlingly beautiful


it sparked each time the

light bounced


its curved surfaces


until one day

//it broke//


leaving its

hard    sharp


sparkling and cutting

my feet

eyes hands


each time I passed by

or tried to put the

fragile glass pieces

together again

it crumbled and became a


of blood and glass

in my hands


Only then

did I cry

and only then did

the fragile


glass heart

become a true

beating one

arteries pounding pulsing



in my hands

“Life is either one daring adventure or nothing” -Eleanor Roosevelt

Are we to start again with the 8-5? So soon?

Am I to relinquish the





languid beginning of each day, when my muscles

lie in slumber and I choose to wake up and greet the day



three hours later?

Am I to now scurry off to school

a slave to the minute-hand on the clock please

God, let this train move, why are these





Must I give up my

pancake-making, pajama-wandering, yawning mornings to

bleary eyes jumping alert to the monotone

beeps of the alarm calmly informing me I should have caught the train by now?

Goodbye books that I had the time to get lost in.

Goodbye worry-free days, entire afternoons spent with my only love.

Come at me homework laden nights, head

dropping with sleep, blast of February air, crowded spaces, smoke filled


New York City at



Come at me

Chemistry dinitrogen monoxide isotopes oxidation numbers and the like!

Let’s see how my long school days go, and my days off

…Four months = one semester!

I am sure

it will not be that bad, but

wow, I cannot believe a month has gone by

and that I start on Friday.

Time flies when you are enjoying life…


I leave the



watch behind

so as to lose


of the seconds


passing by



the grey and


rubber soles


the ground,

the unleveled breaths

slabs of pavement

bright sunlight,

which slips through the

spindly bare


and wisps of

winter air,

the slow turn of

the Earth

my primitive time-clock


where this




and comes to


A Slice of the World

“It’s a choice between faith and fear.”

Here is an awesome article that I found about how “millions of Catholic devotees” carried the “Black Nazarene” Cross throughout the Philippine capital of Manila, despite warnings that a terrorist attack might ensue. This article really moved me because of the devotion that people still chose to show even in the face of impending danger. This crazy happening made me think of what Jesus said to the crowds of people in his Sermon on the Mount: “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:10).

The “Black Nazarene” cross, according to the article, is thought to be special as it survived a blaze in the ship that was transporting to from Mexico to the Philippines in 1606, as well as the bombings of WWII (Gomez).

It makes me think: Do I have a faith so strong that I would choose to give my life? And, do you have something worth living and dying for?


Eyes flickering

a dream

I cannot see

swaddled in

pink is she

topped with

a swirl

of black hair

will her dreams

be the same ones

in ten



What will happen

to her

between now

and then

the future

her future–

that stretches out

like a long path


blue skies

who will she be?

Now she sleeps

5 months of life

her short breathes

the pucker of her


a song to my


Summer Throwback

I wrote this during a free-write in my first college English class. My professor encouraged us to write in a stream-of-consciousness style, without pausing to think. Hence, the fragmented sentences and confusing train of thought at some parts. The topic my professor gave us was, “One moment from summer.”


One moment from summer…

right now I cannot think of just one.

It’s as if all the moment blur together and mesh in my mind. I think of the summer

and I remember nights without stars and

nights filled with the light that was in his eyes.

I remember the full moon on different ocassions: orange and so close I could touch it, the night of the Journey concert.

Right above

my head as I looked up at it from my backyard. Shy and secluded from my bedroom window.

One moment one moment.

I remember the summer being the best and the most fun time of my life.

I worked hard and laughed and even fell in love.

I walked along the beach at night in my bare feet.

The water, so cool and refreshing. My footsteps remained in the sand. I laughed with my two friends and I remember

feeling a bit happy, a bit sad. We climbed onto an old life guard chair and told horror stories.

I remember

summer nights with movies and not wanting to go home.

Not wanting to leave his side.

Right now, I don’t feel like I ever will, or like I’d ever want to.

Summer summer.

Hot hot and humid nights with

the fan in my room blowing a lazy breeze on my sticky skin.

Summer days spent laughing

on the beach, allowing the sun to warm and bronze my skin.

It was wonderful, looking back.

When summer came to an end I cannot quite recall. Maybe in my mind I will escape to those days. Leave behind

my worries about school and just picture the sun on my skin.

I really need to use the bathroom. I need a tissue!

Writing writing writing writing writing writing writing writing writing writing writing pen to paper and thought to paper, I am writing.

My nose is killing me!